Hi! I’m Andrew Hirst (@AndrewHirst1). I completed my PhD in 2013 (which looked at the philosophy, psychology, and anthropology of art and the human mind, broadly speaking), after which I worked in the Civil Service for a few years before deciding to pack it all in and develop a video game and focus on my writing.

I decided to start this site due to the fact that most discussion of UK urban issues (and, well, most things in general) tend to focus on London and the South East. I’m using “northern” in a pretty liberal sense to encapsulate pretty much everywhere in the country that isn’t London and the surrounding area. Full disclosure: I personally live in a bona fide “proper” northern city, but the issues faced by the rest of the country outside London are way more similar in nature than the issues faced within London. I won’t be stretching the definition of “northern” too far – I mean, I won’t be talking about Cornwall or Bristol – but if I write something about Birmingham or Wales then please don’t send me angry messages because they aren’t “northern”.

The current cover image on the homepage is a zoomed in (not modified) version of this picture of a row of houses in Salford taken by Craig Sunter and used under an Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) licence.